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# Course Title Length
41 The Cell   21min
42 Tissues Types   34min
43 Common Diagnostic and Procedural Terms   8min
44 Organs   9min
45 Introduction to the Skeletal System   1hr 28min
46 The Skull   50min
47 The Spinal Column   45min
48 Joints   27min
49 The Pelvis and Lower Extremity   29min
50 Shoulder Girdle and Upper Extremity   38min
51 The Thorax (Chest Cage)   15min
52 Introduction to the Muscular System   20min
53 Muscle Physiology   46min
54 Principle Muscle Groups   1hr 32min
55 The Integumentary System   23min
56 Introduction to the Circulatory System   19min
57 The Heart   59min
58 Blood Vessels   25min
59 The Lymphatic System   26min
60 Blood   47min