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# Course Title Length
21 Duties Never Performed by the Assistant   10min
22 The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, (HIPAA)   7min
23 What is Protected Health Information, (PHI)   8min
24 HIPAA Rules and Regulations   19min
25 HIPAA In The Practice   7min
26 Words and Terminology Introduction   7min
27 How Words Are Formed   10min
28 Root Words   1hr 35min
29 Prefixes   2hr 17min
30 Suffixes   12min
31 Singular and Plurals (Traditional)   16min
32 Terms Of Patient Positioning A-O   13min
33 Anatomical Terms of Directions Segment 1   33min
34 Types of Motions, Axes, and Planes   32min
35 Motion In And Out Of A Body Plane   23min
36 Terms of Motion Segment 1   29min
37 Common Diagnostic And Procedural Terms   8min
38 Terms Of Musculoskeletal Disorders   11min
39 Introductions to Anatomy and Physiology    43min
40 Body Cavities, Quadrants, and Membranes   47min