MCA Chiropractic Assistant Program

To become a licensed Chiropractic Assistant, the Board of Examiners requires 76 hours of lecture and 24 hands-on hours of approved training. This course allows you to meet your 76 hours of lecture requirements online, in the convenience of your home or office. We also provide 8-hours of hands-on instruction each month making it possible to meet your 100 hour requirement within a three month period, (in-office training and CPR certification are not included). We track your hours and save your place as you come-and-go from our website. We maintain your certification records and provide you with a unique certificate of completion once you’ve completed your required hours. The certification courses are all available 24/7 and at a flat price of $249 for registered assistants of MCA members and $599 for assistants of non-members.

CAs are required to be registered as a "CA Applicant" as soon as they are hired and show proof to the board that they have registered for an approved CA training program. Be sure send a printed copy of your registration email to the board immediately. There are stiff penalties if a CA is found working without first being registered with the board so please do not delay registering any new CAs. CA applicants must complete all requirements within 11 months of registration so their application and documentation can be submitted and they can complete their examination within a one-year period of hire. Dates of examination can be found in the "Upcoming Events" section of the Board of Examiners Website ( CAs must complete their online and hands on training, show a certificate of "Provider Level" Red Cross or American Heart Association CPR training, and submit them with documentation of 480 hours in office training 30 days prior to the date of examination. It is the Supervising chiropractor's duty to document 480 hours of in service training. They are also required to complete 3-hours of Jurisprudence and Risk Management training however those hours will be provided by the Board on the day of the examination. Any questions regarding the duties of a supervising chiropractor or the CA application process should be made directly to the Board of Examiners at (410) 767-6500.

Hands-On Training (24 hours required)

Contact Dr. Crivelli at for dates and times of hands-on sessions.

ALL sessions (unless noted) will be at the Conte Lubrano building, 130 Lubrano Drive, Annapolis Md. from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.