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# Course Title Length
1 Meet Your Instructor   6min
2 What is Chiropractic?   10min
3 The History of Chiropractic and Healthcare   19min
4 The Medical Spectrum, Different Philosophies   10min
5 Subluxation   22min
6 Understanding Patient Treatment Plans   19min
7 The Chiropractic Assistant   6min
8 Non-Clinical Duties   17min
9 Clinical Duties   28min
10 Patient Communication   16min
11 Sensitive Exams, and Gender Sensitivities   23min
12 Documentation   5min
13 Office Safety   13min
14 The Supervising Chiropractor   7min
15 The CA Log Book, Supervising Limits   7min
16 Restrictions When The Supervising Chiropractor is Absent   7min
17 Board Requirements to Become a CA Segment 1   21min
18 What CAs are Permitted to do without Direct Supervision   16min
19 What CAs are Permitted to do Under Direct Supervision   12min
20 Modality Operation Under Direct Supervision   6min